How Billy Gibbons Made History in Cuba

In the words of the ZZ Top frontman, “there was no way to prepare.”

As one might expect for one of the biggest bands of all time, ZZ Top has played shows all over the world in far-flung locales that include Moscow and Buenos Aires. Havana, Cuba was one of the few places that the band hadn’t played, that is until 2015 when Billy Gibbons received an invite to play the 30th Annual Havana Jazz Festival as a solo artist. “I had never been to Havana before,” says Gibbons. “I really didn’t know what to expect. I know a handful of people who have been there, and not a single one could describe it in words. They’d just say, ‘You’ve gotta go!’” Follow Gibbons and his band, The BFGs, through the historic streets of Havana to learn about the history of Cuba and experience the culture. Then, they’ll hit the stage to perform two sold-out concerts to one of the most energetic crowds caught on tape. Don’t miss it on AXS TV this TUESDAY at 9/8c!


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