Closing Al Asad Airbase: Anatomy of a Troop Withdrawal; Wounded Warriors: Healing Scars

Januray 17, 2012

US Forces Iraq officially handed over control of Al Asad Airbase to Iraqi authorities on Dec. 7, 2011.  The withdrawal from Al Asad, one of the last large US bases to close, concluded eight years of American combat forces stationed in Al Anbar, Iraq’s most violent province.  World Report, with the only American journalists positioned at Al Asad and in Al Anbar, follows the US Army’s 4th Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment out of Iraq, part of the largest vehicle movement since WWII.  Then, Dave Roever nearly lost his face when a grenade exploded in his hand in Vietnam.  Now Roever has turned the table on his scars, using them to show severely wounded vets from Iraq and Afghanistan that there is life after injury.

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