HDNet World Report Field Notes: “Was Blind, but Now I See”

From Correspondent Greg Dobbs:
Sometimes we just “report” things, but sometimes we get to experience
them….and that’s what happened when I interviewed a woman in North
Carolina named Amanda Aswell, who was blind for 20 years but thanks to
cornea and stem cell transplants (the subject of the piece we’re shooting),
she can see again! I mean, the things she talks about! Never knowing that
the cellophane in a box of pasta is clear. Or that you can see through
steam. Or what clouds look like. Maybe the most moving thing she told me was
that after marrying her high school sweetheart while blind, she finally saw
her husband’s face. And liked what she saw! I interviewed Amanda in three
settings by the way, one of them while riding bikes (try doing that while
you can’t see). Another was while walking her dog Sari. Sari used to be
Amanda’s guide dog but now, instead of pulling Amanda, Amanda pulls her.

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