From the Field: Greg Dobbs Frozen at the Grand Canyon

Correspondent Greg Dobbs

Yesterday, while shooting part of a segment for World Report about Congressional redistricting, cameraman Jim VanVranken and I were running around the rim of the Grand Canyon in temperatures of minus-17-degrees, looking for a place from which we could actually videotape the Colorado River (which is a key part of a very weirdly configured congressional district in Arizona); the river is narrow enough, the shadows long enough, and the canyon deep enough that you can’t see the river from most vantage points along the top.

So we pull over at one particularly exposed outcropping, we climb over the stone wall that keeps tourists safe, and move out to the edges.  Jim’s facing east on one edge and I’m on the other edge facing west and we both have broad sweeping National Geographic-quality panoramas in every direction with the colors of the sunrise reflecting from the cliffs across the canyon but since our only objective is a glimpse of the river, I shout over at Jim who’s about 20 yards away, “See anything good over there?” and he shouts back, “Naw, nothing.”

Then suddenly we both break out laughing.  We realized we might be the first human beings in all of history to stand where each of us was standing and be disappointed about the view!

Photographer Jim Van Vranken

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