HDNet World Report Field Notes: “Using Sound to See”

From Correspondent Jennifer London:

Using Sound to See #1

In a well-kept bungalow on a tree-lined street in Long Beach, CA I find Daniel Kish in the kitchen cooking. It might not seem remarkable, but Daniel is completely blind. Still he’s adapted to a world of darkness is such an incredible way that he gracefully cooks an entire meal without missing a beat (or ingredient!) He also mountain bikes and hikes alone in remote canyons. He does this using echolocation, a technique bats and dolphins use to navigate. Daniel has made it his life’s work to teach the technique to other blind people and while he might not be able to see, Daniel has plenty of vision.

Using Sound to See #2

World Report producer Phil Maravilla poses for a picture with Daniel Kish (right) and Juan Ruiz as they get ready for a bike ride. Both Daniel and Juan are blind.

Using Sound to See #3

Here’s how TV magic is made. Being completely blind doesn’t stop Daniel Kish and Juan Ruiz from bike riding, but first the crew must figure out how to mount the handlebar cam.

Using Sound to See #4

World Report producer Phil Maravilla readies our gear for a hike and overnight camping trip in Big Santa Anita Canyon. Our guide is Daniel Kish, a blind man who lost his sight when he was only 13 months old due to eye cancer. Daniel uses echolocation to navigate his world and has gone on dozens of extended hiking and camping trips, many times alone.

Using Sound to See #5

World Report producer Phil Maravilla and I before we head into the wilderness for our hiking/camping trip with Daniel Kish as our guide. Let’s see if we’re still smiling tomorrow morning!

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