On This Day in 1969 | Led Zeppelin Released Their Self-Titled Debut Album

Led Zeppelin was released on January 12, 1969!

The English rock band, Led Zeppelin, recorded their debut album in Fall of 1968 at Olympic Studios, London. Led Zeppelin contains a myriad of original material from their first rehearsals and covers to rearrangements of contemporary blues and folk songs. The album showed the group’s fusion of blues and rock and their take on the emerging hard rock sound was immediately commercially successful in both the UK and US.

Enjoy these facts you may not know about Led Zeppelin and their first album:

  • Today marks this record’s 50th Anniversary!
  • When this album was being created, the band had just formed and the group had yet to secure a recording contract with Atlantic Records.
  • Jimmy Page claims it only took 36 hours and less than £2,000 to complete this legendary album! He’ll never forget the amount charged on the studio bill because money was a big concern at the time since there was no record company money to waste on excessive studio time.
  • Jimmy Page was sued for plagiarism after he was credited as the sole writer of the song “Dazed and Confused” which was written by folk singer Jake Holmes.

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