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On This Day | Phil Collins Released “In the Air Tonight”

Phil Collins released “In the Air Tonight” on this Day in 1981!

On this day, January 9th in 1981, Phil Collins released his leading single from the Face Value album, “In the Air Tonight.” The single went to No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 list in the United States. The song was also a favorite in Phil Collins’ homeland hitting no.2 on the UK Singles charts. As MTV launched in August of 1981, “In the Air Tonight” dominated the TV screen with its eerie, up close visuals of Phil Collins. Remaining relevant in pop-culture, “In The Air Tonight” was sung by boxer Mike Tyson in The Hangover. The song was even picked by Lebron James to be played in the announcement trailer for NBA 2k14. “In the Air Tonight” remains a pop classic and contains “the sleekest, most melodramatic drum break in history” according to LA Weekly. To relive the “In the Air Tonight” madness, watch Classic Albums: Phil Collins: Face Value this Sunday, January 13th at 7a/6c.

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