“The Most Interesting Man Alive”

Producer Field Notes: If you’ve seen the wildly successful Dos Equis’ ads then you know ‘people hang on his every word, even his prepositions’ and that ‘sharks have a week dedicated to him.’ He ‘speaks fluent French in Russian’ and ‘his personality is so magnetic he can’t carry credit cards.’  Meet Jonathan Goldsmith, the most interesting man in the world – at least he plays one on tv. World Report spent the day with Goldsmith and you know what? He’s really quite interesting. And while the Spanish accent is fake the rest is all Jonathan, right down to him ‘being the life of parties he’s never attended.’

And where else would you interview the most interesting man in the world? In front of his luxury live-abroad sailboat in Marina del Rey of course! The crew turns the dock into our own mini soundstage for our sit-down with Jonathan Goldsmith. Would you believe the man who plays the debonair Renaissance man with the sexy Spanish accent is actually a Jew from the Bronx? And that’s just the beginning of what you might find surprising and dare I say, interesting about the most interesting man in the world.

Goldsmith eats AND smokes a most interesting breakfast- I captured this impromptu moment during a break shooting in his sailboat.

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