The Gift of Life; Viewfinder: Surviving the Peace: Preventing Loss of Limb and Life in Laos; A Cheyenne Christmas Story: Cy’s Big Heart

December 20, 2011

When Andy Moyer died in a ski accident on Christmas Eve almost 20 years ago, his family decided to donate his organs and tissues. Now at least three people are alive because of this unselfish act. Then, decades after US warplanes dumped their excess bombs over their country, Laotians are being killed by unexploded ordnance in their fields and rice paddies.

Finally, remember Ralphie from “A Christmas Story?” Well, his look-alike lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Instead of wanting a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas, 6-year-old blond and glasses-wearing Cy Magee wants to provide a good home for his adopted donkey. Cy’s humble venture to raise money to feed Lady has captured the hearts of his hometown.

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