Brian Johnson’s A Life On The Road with Dolly Parton | November 10th

Writing two iconic major hits in the same night? Only Dolly can do that.

This week on A Life on the Road, Brian Johnson is taking a break from hanging out with hectic rock stars who trashed hotel rooms and blew up their equipment for a chat with a member of country music royalty: Dolly Parton. The two will meet down in Nashville, Tennessee and Parton’s home base to talk about Dolly’s own experience on the road and how she wrote some of her biggest hits. In this sneak peek, she reveals that she wrote “I Will Always Love You” when she couldn’t get through to Porter Wagoner by just talking. Then, she went on to write another hit “Jolene” in the same evening. In her own words, “That was a good night!”. Learn more about her life and music with Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road this Sunday, November 10th at 9/8c.

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