“Art Mann Presents” Stupid Sand Toys and Sloshed Santas, Wednesday at 8 ET|5 PT

Happy holidays from “Art Mann Presents!” This year, Art is bringing all the good boys and girls hilarious adventures with grownups playing in the sand and inebriated Santas roaming ’round “The Biggest Little City in the World.”

Wednesday night, tune in for your treats starting at 8 ET|5 PT with the PREMIERE of a NEW episode, “People and Their Stupid Sand Toys,” followed by what is quickly becoming a holiday classic along the lines of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”: “15,000 Drunk Santas!” This hammered holiday adventure finds Art surrounded by thousands of jolly Saint Nicks who are three sheets to the wind and ready to paint the town red (and green).

Get festive with a sneak peak below, and tune in Wednesday at 8 ET|5 PT to catch all the shenanigans.

[youtubeif XSlcqmE8-qs]

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