Drinking Made Easy takes a trip to the SLC!
If you are a drinker and a Utahan a dichotomy will often arise that can be quite confusing to most people! A drinker from Utah?! This can’t be! Often times you will hear “I heard Prohibition is still around there!” or the best one yet “Don’t you have to belong to a private exclusive club to drink?!” which is why all those drinking Utahans are bowing down to Zane Lamprey for dispelling these myths and rumors! Zane and his trusty sidekick Steve take a trip back in time to Utah’s oldest bar where he lays all these rumors to rest, showing you that getting your lips wet in Utah is just as easy as bellying up to the bar and screaming, “Bartender! Hit me!”
Dive in with Zane as he dispels all the rumors while visiting the SLC and learns the difference between vodka and whiskey. Tonight at 8:30PM ET Drinking Made Easy: Salt Lake City premieres and will answer all those silly questions you may have about SLC and their crazy drinking laws!
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And if you still can’t get enough Zane check out his website Drinking Made Easy for a full episode description!

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