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Creating the Hotel California record was a lot like the Superbowl

Don Felder was simply sitting at a beach house in Malibu when the original progression for “Hotel California” started to flow through his head. When it came time to record, Don Henley insisted that he do it just like the demo he created. It ultimately took three days to just lay down just the ending solo with Joe Walsh. However, according to Felder, the time and the effort were 100% worth it. In his own words, “The combination of that band for that particular album having five people in the band that could write, sing, and play, to have that much talent in such a huge abundance was like having the Superbowl of band talent.” Learn more in the sneak peek above and don’t miss a deep dive into all of Felder’s favorite songs on MIXTAPE Thursday, October 10th at 8:30/7:30c!

Listen to Don Felder’s full MIXTAPE below:



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