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MOCKpocalypse discusses Celebrities & Music this Thursday, April 2 at 11E!

There are great actors and there are great musicians. On rare occasion, there are people that are great at both. On this week’s episode of MOCKpocalypse we’ll be talking about celebrities that have either succeeded or failed miserably at crossing over into music. We’ll discuss the mindset of a multi-talented celebrity, the qualifications of a crossover artist, and debate who we think has the chops to transition from movies to music. So, channel your inner Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, or Jared Leto and join us every Thursday 11pET | 8pPT for a full season of laughs and music commentary by comedians, writers, and directors including Ryan Stout, Neil Garguilo, David Park, the creative minds “Super Troopers”, and many more!

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