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MOCKpocalypse talks One & Done Thursday, February 19 at 11E!

Here are the warning signs you’re dealing with a one and done: if the band name is in the song title, if the song explains how to do a certain dance, or if your song is a popular catch phrase. If you’re still confused, don’t worry because this week on MOCKpocalypse we’re breaking down our favorite one hit wonders! We’ll talk about the greatest one and done legends, the music videos that accompany them, and debate which one hit artists we actually wanted more from. Do the twist, the hustle, or the electric slide and join us every Thursday 11pET | 8pPT for a full season of laughs and music commentary by comedians, writers, and directors including Ryan Stout, Neil Garguilo, David Park, the creative minds “Super Troopers”, and many more!

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