Only In America With Larry The Cable Guy: Back to Back – Thursday, August 27th @ 8/7c

Larry gets the thrill of a lifetime in the “controlled chaos” that is life on the deck of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear-powered super-carrier the USS Nimitz. Then he’s off to show us why Wisconsin is so famous for cheese and to brave the task of making Limburger, the stinkiest cheese of them all. Finally, Larry goes on a “sleigh ride” with the mysterious Secret Santa of Kansas City, who is upholding a tradition of anonymously giving away Christmas cash to the needy. Later, Larry takes a special road trip to the big bovine paradise of Wisconsin. His first stop is the state’s largest dairy farm, where he works every tough job that goes into each glass of milk. He then takes a detour to hamburger-happy Seymour, a town that claims to be the burger’s birthplace. Larry takes another side trip to visit a rancher with a soft spot for cows born with deformities. Finally, he embeds himself with the men who pack the legendary beef at one of Wisconsin’s most venerated. Tune in Thursday, August 27 for back to back episodes starting at 8/7c on AXS TV!

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