How Two Misfits Became Part of Music History

Bruce Springsteen & Steven Van Zandt teamed up because of a very special reason…

Steven Van Zant spent a couple years of his youth as what he considered a “very religious” person. Then February 9th, 1964, happened… After seeing The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show, rock ‘n’ roll became his new religion, and there was no turning back. In this first look at The Big Interview, Van Zant reminisces on his introduction to rock music while coming to age in the ’60s. He also tells Dan what exactly attracted him and Bruce Springsteen to one another, specifically their dedication to rock ‘n’ roll. In the end, he says what really kept them together was the fact that they couldn’t do anything else. Van Zandt jokingly admits, “We were the last two guys left standing when everybody else took a job.” Catch more of Dan’s insightful conversation with the famed musician in the full hour-long episode of The Big Interview, Tuesday, March 5th at 8/7c on AXS TV.

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