Sneak Peek | The Big Interview with Dan Rather – Billy Ray Cyrus

As Billy Ray Cyrus was quickly becoming a international country star, a few of the big names of country music were publicly vocal about how they didn’t care for the direction Cyrus was taking the music genre. One of those big names was Hoss himself, Waylon Jennings. In this sneak preview of The Big Interview, Billy Ray Cyrus shares the story of the first time he met the country music legend and how he won over Jennings’ affection. Cyrus, a huge admirer of Jennings, tells Dan, “I wanted the chance for Waylon to meet the real me.”

His first time actually talking to Jennings was when they sat down on a live radio show in Nashville. An uncomfortable first encounter to begin with became even more uneasy for Cyrus when a strange request from a radio caller put him on the spot in front of his lifelong hero… Watch Dan’s full conversation with the 90s country music hitmakeer during the hour-long episode of The Big Interview, Tuesday, April 10th at 9/8c on AXS TV.

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