Sneak Peek | The Big Interview with Dan Rather – Shania Twain

When Shania Twain was asked to record a song with Lionel Richie, she was very hesitant to take up his offer. At that point in her career, the country music superstar was struggling with voice issues and was unsure about taking on such a task. Shania talks about this difficult time in her life in this sneak peek of her appearance on The Big Interview with Dan Rather.

She tells Dan that after initially saying no to recording the song that Lionel Richie himself eventually talked her into doing it. She praised Richie for helping her overcome her self doubt about her voice. “He really held my hand and got me through it,” Shania said of the soul and R&B legend. She also gives herself credit by telling Dan, “I forced myself through something that I knew was going to be scary.”

Watch Dan’s full interview with Shania Twain during the hour-long episode of The Big Interview, Tuesday, April 3rd at 9/8c on AXS TV.

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