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Rock n’ roll pioneer Bob Weir joins Dan Rather for an all-new episode of THE BIG INTERVIEW on Tuesday, August 11, at 8pE. During the illuminating hour-long discussion, the legendary Grateful Dead guitarist opens up about the Grateful Dead’s legacy, their place in the realm of rock n’ roll, his personal musical philosophy, and his friendship with iconic bandmate Jerry Garcia.

“Throughout their tremendous career, the Grateful Dead have been known for crafting a live concert-going experience that is truly second to none. Weir sheds some light on why the band chose to place a heavy importance on this aspect, saying, “When we’ve got into the studio, we concentrated there. But we didn’t spend that much time in the studio. So, you know, we had an enormous organization… it was a big bulldog to feed.  And so, we had to stay on the road a lot to do that. We spent a lot of time on the road, and in order to make it make sense for us, just to feel fulfilling, we had to make it better every time we went out.  Whether it meant dressing up our stage with art, or… keeping abreast of the latest offerings of the state-of-the-art of audio sound reinforcement.”

On the Grateful Dead’s place in American history, and the impact they had on popular culture as a whole, Weir says, “Every now and again, I get a bit dizzied by what’s transpired. I was askin’ for it.  I sure as hell got it. I knocked on the door, and it opened wide. And some sort of wind caught me from behind and swept me through that door. And the ground fell away, and I was transported elsewhere. And [I] have lived my life there. The fabric of my universe, as you say… we’re intertwined in American history, Americana history. But that history goes way back before we got started.  The roots of our music express the real kernel of the American ethos.”

Weir continues, explaining, “In Hank Williams’ writing, there’s that pure, pure expression of it, the American Zen. And it’s real. It’s… I don’t wanna call it religion, because it’s not. But it’s a very, very cogent world view. And you can make a religion of it… if that’s what you wanna do with it. Or you can let it guide your life in other ways. You know, it’s been my life. And I’ve come to realize that. Could I do more for my music?  Or for our music? Yeah, I probably could. I can get up earlier or something. But, aside from that, it’s what I’m here to do.”

Additionally, Weir reflects on his own relationship with Jerry Garcia, and whether or not he feared the late icon’s passing would spell the end of the band, saying, “The Grateful Dead was a fair bit more democratic than people really seemed to understand… And what it was that we were up to was more democratic than people seemed to understand. [Jerry Garcia was] More or less, a big brother figure.  We were brothers, for sure… They say that blood is thicker than water; and, really, what we had was way thicker than blood.”

To see more of this insightful episode, be sure to tune into THE BIG INTERVIEW on Tuesday, August 11 at 8pE, only on AXS TV.

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