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Celebrated rock n’ roll icon Bryan Adams joins Dan Rather for an all-new episode of THE BIG INTERVIEW on Tuesday, November 10, at 8pE. During the enlightening hour-long discussion, the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter opens up about his new album, GET UP!, as well as why he loves collaborating with other artists, what it was like to work with Tina Turner, and which artists and genre inspires him.

Now, entering the 40th year of his celebrated career, Adams is going back to the basics, putting the focal point on three key elements: the artist, the guitar, and his muse. On his latest album, GET UP!, released in August, Adams says, “It’s probably my most rockin’ record I’ve ever made… It’s kind of a return to form for [long-time writing partner] Jim Vallance and I. We started writing songs together quite intensely, so over the last couple years this last album came together quite quickly. The two of us were just sort of knocking heads. I hope people enjoy as much as [we enjoyed making it]. It was really a lot of fun.”

On his impromptu duet with polarizing pop star—and fellow Canadian—Justin Bieber in Germany, Adams explains, “That happened because we were both in Berlin at this conference for Universal Music… I said to him, ‘You know what, we should do a song for everybody’ and he said, ‘Yeah, ok.’ So, I picked up the guitar and learned his song [“Baby”]. It was more just a moment for everybody that was there at the conference. Let’s do something that they’re not expecting.”

Adams has worked with some of the biggest names in music, from a unique and eclectic stable of artists including Bonnie Raitt and Gene Simmons. Opening up about how he handles the shared creative process, Adams says, “I think most artists tend to take control of themselves at some point. But, I think, at some point, you also have to let go, because in order to let people come in and help you get to the next stage [of your career] or the next thing you want to do, you can’t tell people what to do. You’ve gotta let them do their thing.”

Adams says he enjoys collaborating with other artists because “There’s a certain sense of breaking out of your own mold a bit, if you work with other people. And, there’s also the thing of the unknown. You don’t know what’s gonna happen. And, I do like putting myself in positions where you’ve gotta push yourself, because if you don’t do that, you’re never gonna grow. And one of the best ways [to do that] is to collaborate. I was lucky that I worked with some great people… musicians like Paco De Lucia, who is a great Spanish guitar player who died earlier this year; and Luciano Pavarotti, who was a great opera singer… All these things sort of color your world, ‘cause at the end of the day, it’s just music. There’s a thing that happens in radio where they categorize everything, and it has to be ‘rock’ and everything rock is in rock, and country’s everything country. But, back in the ‘70s, when I was listening to radio, you’d hear a Ray Charles song, you’d hear a Hank Williams song, you’d hear a rock song all on the same station. Because it was just music. It’s just music, and it doesn’t have to be categorized.”

On working with Tina Turner, Adams says, “That was a great thing to have done. Back in 1984, I approached her and her management to do a song, because they’d asked me to a do a song for their album. They were doing an album called PRIVATE DANCER, and I was in the middle of making my RECKLESS album. I just couldn’t imagine doing something else at the time. But, I suggested perhaps she’d like to come and sing on my album. And, I didn’t hear back. But, then I heard that she was comin’ to town, and I was in Vancouver, I was recording. She was the opening act for Lionel Richie, and I thought, just gonna give it one more shot here. Got nothin’ to lose. You already have a no, go for the yes. I sent the tape down again, and I said, ‘Maybe we can meet up.’ And I got a response, ‘she’d like to meet you.’ So, I go backstage, and there’s a lot of people around there. Then, I saw this hair coming down the hallway, and she’s going, ‘Where is he?’ ‘I’m right here!’”

On the artists and music that inspire him, Adams says, “There’s so many! There’s so many good songwriters out there. And the music that I was brought up on, particularly the Beatles and Stones, anything that sort of had long hair and loud guitars, much to my father’s chagrin. I do like classical music, and one of the things about classical music is, you either like it and always like it, or you hate it and you never like it. I was indoctrinated into classical music very early on, because it was one of my father’s passions. When we lived in Vienna, we were regularly brought to the Volksoper or the Staatsoper, to see the great operas that were happening at the time in the ‘60s. So, it’s always there.”

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