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Controversial Oscar®-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino joins Dan Rather for an all-new episode of THE BIG INTERVIEW on Tuesday, November 24, at 8pE. During the candid hour-long conversation, the usually guarded writer and director sheds some light on his personal life and childhood; shares his views on showmanship, religion, and retirement; and discusses how his latest film, THE HATEFUL EIGHT, addresses race relations in America.

Since he first hit the scene with his debut crime drama RESERVOIR DOGS in 1992, Quentin Tarantino has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and fearless filmmakers in the industry. Fascinated by a bygone era where every film was truly an event, Tarantino has set his sights on resurrecting that missing magic, saying, “I’ve been lamenting since I’ve been in the business the lack of showmanship that goes into theatrical presentation nowadays… it seems like every decade they take less and less and less from it, and they strip it down more and more and more… now, it’s basically just… you’re renting a seat for two hours. I want to bring back some of the ballyhoo. I wanna bring back some of the showmanship, the fun of going to the movies. Used to be going to the movies was a thing, it wasn’t just this thing you did at a mall. And I’ve been wanting to try to bring some of that back.”

During the interview, which was shot months before Tarantino’s polarizing appearance at a recent police brutality protest, Rather gets the filmmaker to talk about one of the most enduring themes that runs throughout many of his films: race relations in America. “I have a vast interest in race in this country,” Tarantino explains. “In the way blacks and whites have dealt with each other and, in particular, these last hundred years. It’s a theme that I can’t get away from. I always keep going back to it. But, it’s such an important theme in America, and such an ignored theme, for the most part, in Hollywood movies that I don’t really need much more of a theme, as long as I have that one. It doesn’t even always have to be about white and black, but it usually is.”

On how his latest work, THE HATEFUL EIGHT, relates to the Country’s growing racial unrest, Tarantino says, “Not only do I think it relates to it, I think it… might be the only movie coming out this year that actually directly addresses it to some degree or another… It addresses the chasm. It addresses the resentment… And it addresses how hard some hatchets are to bury. All that is actually dealt with. When I wrote the film, I wasn’t trying to make an overt political statement about today. But I really realized pretty quickly that, ‘Oh wow, this is kind of almost a blue state, red state Western.’ Because both communities are dealt with. And it’s not a bad guy, good guy thing either. Nobody’s really good in this movie.”

Delving into his personal life in a way he rarely has before, Tarantino addresses his own experience with religion, and how it pertains to his life now, saying, “I think, like most children, I went through… religious fanaticism that kids do, where they get born again or something like that, and get into that for awhile. I think I was born Catholic, but I was never practiced. I lived with my grandmother for awhile in Tennessee, and I got involved with a Christian church there and… I got baptized and saved and all that stuff. As time has gone on… I’m not sure how much of any of that I believe in. I don’t really know if I believe in God… Oddly enough, it’s funny, though—I do believe in God-given talent. I do believe some people are given talent, and that… they’re given gifts.”

Tarantino has said many times that he plans to retire when he’s 60 so as to not fall into the pitfalls that plague many directors heading into their later years. He expands on this, revealing, “I would rather leave the stage at… the top of my game… If I think my best work is in front of me, well, then, I probably would never stop. But, also, there is this aspect of, like… it almost seems like there’s just a whole lotta directors… [where] they direct and that’s the only thing they know how to do. And, so, they just want to do it for as long as they can. And, oftentimes, it does end up being in diminishing returns.”

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