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Iconic Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons sits down with Dan Rather for an all-new episode of THE BIG INTERVIEW, premiering Tuesday, February 9, at 8pE. During the exclusive hour-long discussion, the legendary Def Jam founder, fashion designer, and activist gets personal about America’s flawed food industry, his passion for veganism, Donald Trump’s presidential run and the impact that yoga has had on his life.

On his fight against the American food industry, Simmons says, “Our American government gives 38 billion dollars to [the factory farming industry], while giving the vegetable industry 17 million, and the food is destroying the planet… What they put in the cows is illegal anywhere in the world. The chicken is full of Prozac, antibiotics, growth hormones, and God knows what else. That’s causing the greatest diabetes in the world in America; the greatest heart disease in the world in America; the greatest rate of cancer. All this stuff, they’re poisoning America… There’s nothing more dangerous to America—not ISIS, not anything—than the food lobby… In China, and Russia, and all through Europe and Australia, wherever you can imagine, they label the GMOs. But not here. So, I worry that the money in our politics is destroying the quality of life, and there’s nobody to protect us from the money or the corporations.”

Addressing people who don’t see GMOs as a legitimate threat, Simmons says, “There’s a lot of research that contradicts that [viewpoint], but we don’t have enough proof to say one way or the other, do we? … There’s always gonna be a lobby and a scientist who’s lobbied. And there’s always gonna be money, the environmental sites funded by the lobbyists. So, they don’t point out the truth… You can follow the money, when you find out about our American government and what they let you do and don’t let you do. And that’s sad, because this democracy that we idolize is so flawed because of money. So, even those people you’re talking to, who dispute me, work for somebody.”

On what first got him into yoga, Simmons admits, “I went to yoga because there were so many cute girls there. I went, I enjoyed it, the teacher was fantastic. He played a lot of rap music back then, he was a very strange yoga teacher… I felt amazing when I came out, to open up all different parts of the body. And then I started to read yogic scripture—the yoga sutras, the bhagavad gita, the books that really defined more than the physical practice. And I fell in love with yogic science. My moving prayer, or my physical yoga practice, is daily, and has been daily for over 20 years. I love it… Yoga helped me to really have a better relationship with the world, in general.”

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