Tonight on Dan Rather Reports, the “Working Poor” and the Justice System

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I think it’s important to keep tabs on important stories long after they’ve vanished from the front pages. Our “Dan Rather Reports” broadcast tonight is a perfect example; it’s an update on a story we first brought you two years ago concerning Walmart. In 2011, the Supreme Court dismissed Dukes v. Walmart, a class action, sex discrimination lawsuit against super-retailer Walmart. The outcome of that landmark decision has been echoing throughout courtrooms across the country, altering the legal landscape for attorneys whose clients are known as the “working poor.”

Tonight, I sit down with noted legal scholar and professor, Arthur Miller, to learn more about the Supreme Court’s decision and its impact. Miller calls the ruling the “poster child” for why more class action lawsuits are being dismissed than ever before, and discusses why obtaining free legal representation has become much more difficult since Dukes v. Walmart.

Please watch the promo below, and join us tonight at 8 ET|5PT for a special “Dan Rather Reports” update on AXS TV.

[youtubeif yWvHbKbkDuU]

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