Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Effects Explored on “Dan Rather Reports”, Tonight at 8 ET|5 PT

Tonight on “Dan Rather Reports” we tackle an enormous issue you have probably heard very little about in the daily news.

The Obama administration and lawmakers are working

on a mega, free trade deal with 11 Pacific Rim countries. 

It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, and critics charge it will ravage environmental and food safety protections, gut banking regulations, endanger Internet freedom, and limit access to life-saving medicines – all to enrich global corporations.

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The 60 minute episode focuses on one tiny, but telling, part of the proposed deal: eliminating tariffs on shoes imported from Asia. By removing those tariffs it could mean lower prices at the shoe store, but it could also force the one remaining U.S. athletic footwear company to shutter its factories and put 1,350 people out of work.

Join me on AXS TV at 8 ET|5 PT this Monday, and take a closer look at what America stands to win and what we stand to lose from trade policies like the TPP.

See you tonight,

Dan Rather

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