The Very VERY Best Famous Rides of the 70s

What is your favorite Bond Car?

We’re ranking your favorite Famous Rides of the 70s. From fast and dangerous to sexy and silly we’ll have your heart pumping as we check out these cool rides that got our engines purring in the 70s. In this sneak peek we’re taking a look at the ride that ranked at #4 on our list and the one that you had to sit on a waiting list for three years to get, Jame’s Bond 1977 Lotus Esprit. This wasn’t JUST a car however, when it was fully submerged, it turned into submarine. It was so incredible, even Elon Musk bought the car that was used in the movie with intentions of outfitting it with Tesla technology and making it drivable. Find out which other 70s Famous Rides made our list as Catherine Bach, Perez Hilton, Christopher Knight, Marion Ross and more give us their opinions! Mark your calendar for the season premiere of The Very VERY Best of the 70s Thursday, January 23rd at 8/7c.

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