Legendary Rocker Eddie Money Discusses His New Reality Series ‘Real Money,’ Premiering April 8 on AXS TV


Los Angeles, CA (February 28, 2018) – Multi-platinum rock singer/songwriter Eddie Money is “Shakin’” up AXS TV in the all-new original reality series Real Money. The reality show follows the iconic chart-topper as he deals with the struggles and joys of life both at home and on the road with his wife, Laurie, their eight dogs, and five talented adult children—three of whom join Eddie on tour as part of his traveling band. There is never a dull moment with the Money Family, and Real Money captures it all, giving viewers a unique look at this unconventional dynamic that is equal parts heartfelt and hilarious.

The program launches its 10-episode inaugural season on Sunday, April 8 at 9:30pE/6:30pE on AXS TV.

Q: What inspired you to produce a reality show about your family?

EDDIE MONEY: Well, Oprah Winfrey had a show called ‘Where Are They Now?’, and they had me on the show. I was on the show with my wife and the five kids. My kids are all very different and all very talented in their own way, and I thought that maybe I’d give them a shot [to show what they can do]. I really liked Ozzy [Osbourne]. I saw his show, which was great, and after the Oprah special, I thought it’d be a lot of fun. My wife’s really cute and I wanted to see her on television.

Q:  What was the experience like shooting Real Money?

EM: Every time I woke up they were throwing a mic on me, so we did all kinds of episodes. I did an episode with me golfing with my therapist; we did an episode of me horseback riding, which I hate. The show is very interesting. They had a lot of very funny episodes.

Q: You’ve been interviewed on camera numerous times during your career. Did anything throw you about having your life filmed 24/7 for the show?

EM: When you’re doing a reality show, you’ve got to be a little bit more sincere since you’re doing the show from your heart. These are my kids, this is my wife, and I just thought I wanted people to get a good glimpse of what we were really like. I think the program shows what my family is all about.

Q: What coaching did you provide your family to handle being under a microscope and being filmed the entire day? Were some family members more comfortable than others with the prospect of having a reality show about them?

EM: I tried to tell the kids to do this or do that, and my wife would say to me, ‘Leave the kids alone! What are you, Joe Jackson?’ Zachary was very comfortable in front of the cameras. Jessica was very animated. Joe was very pensive. They were all very, very different. Desmond was like the rock star. Julian is very colorful. All the kids are very unique, they’re very dysfunctional in their own ways, but I can’t afford a therapist. I mean, I ain’t Billy Joel!

Q: What takeaways will America have regarding your family after watching the show?

EM: I think we have a typical American family. I’m pretty hands-on as a dad, and my wife is hands-on. If you think about it, I left home when I was 19 years old. These days, the kids never leave. They’re here forever! I’m never gonna get the empty nest!

Q: Would you say this show is definitely a true depiction of what your life is about?

EM: I think this show really is very honest. It’s like ‘Candid Camera’. Everything is really natural. There’s a lot of stuff in the show that I don’t like, because it’s about me and it drives me crazy, but everybody I’ve talked to really likes the show. I don’t see too much of it, and I’m glad, because if I saw too much of it I’d probably want to quit.

Q: Buddy plays a prominent role is the series. Tell us a bit about him and your love for pets.

EM: I love Buddy, he’s 13 years old and is a Basset Hound. He’s very old, but he’s very smart. We have eight dogs, which is amazing. I’ve also got a Staffordshire Terrier. Laurie has a Great Dane and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Julian has a French Bulldog. My daughter has an English Bulldog and Cavalier, and my other son, Dez and his girlfriend just bought a Cavapoo (crossbreed of a Poodle and Cavalier Spaniel.) So, we’ve got eight dogs in the house, and my son, Joe’s, got a cat. So, it’s kind of like Noah’s Ark. They eat better than I do!

Q: You and Laurie have successfully remained together for over 30 years, which is unheard of in the entertainment industry. What advice would you give other musicians to keep their marriages together for the long run?

EM: Listen to your wife. Your wife is your equal, a lot of people don’t get that. But it’s equal. There’s no real boss. I’m not the boss… well, ok, she’s the boss.

Q: As a successful veteran of the music industry, what advice do you have for those up-and-comers like your daughter, Jesse, and son, Dez?

EM: I think it’s really important if you’re going to play saxophone, take saxophone lessons. If you’re going to sing, take singing lessons. If you play guitar, take guitar lessons. Of course, my kids don’t listen to me. They don’t take lessons.

Q: You are an executive producer on the show, how has that been in addition to being the talent?

EM: Being an executive producer, you just want everything to come out fantastic. You really want everything to be exactly how you want it to be. But, that’s not how life is. It’s like The Rolling Stones say, ‘You can’t always get what you want… but you get what you need.’ Right, Mick?

Q: Are you working on some new songs? Will there be another record soon?

EM: I’m working with Waddy Wachtel. He just got off the road with Joe Walsh. Now, he’s working with Stevie Nicks, and he’s also worked with Keith Richards. He’s a great guitar player. I’ve got a new record I’m working on right now, it’s called ‘Brand New Day’. We played it for some people in radio, and I’m very happy to say I’ve got three or four very big labels all of a sudden interested in me again, which is great.

Q: What are you most proud of in your career?

EM: I’m proud of the fact that my voice is holding up. I’m proud of the fact that I don’t get high anymore. I’m proud of the fact that my wife loves me. I’m proud of the fact that none of the kids are in jail or doing hard drugs.

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