A Global Citizen Uprising…Tuesday on Dan Rather Reports

HDNet presents a look at the current global citizen uprising Tuesday on Dan Rather Reports.

The evening begins with a personal look at Occupy Wall Street. Who is behind the gatherings in New York, Los Angeles and dozens of other cities across America; and what are they looking to achieve? Dan Rather Reports talks exclusively with Grim Womyn, one of those helping to lead the online effort of this growing movement.

Video: Watch a sneak peek of Dan Rather Reports on Occupy Wall Street on the Dan Rather Reports blog.

It is the zero accountability and responsibility for the economic downturn in this country for which Occupy Wall Street most vigorously speaks out. Attorney Jerry Silk, who could be called the people’s lawyer, is looking to change just that. Silk is currently suing dozens of big Wall Street Banks, including Deutsche Bank, on behalf of Investor Funds – or how he sees it, on behalf of the American people.

Video: Watch a sneak peek of Dan Rather Reports on Jerry Silk on the Dan Rather Reports blog.

Also Tuesday, Dan speaks with Fouad Ajami about the spark that ignited the Arab Spring, how this event provides that “these young Arabs will be given better than the tide that al Qaeda served them” and whether such an event is possible for Israel.

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