Dan Rather Reports Travels To Kenya To Investigate a Running Phenomenon

In just a few days, all eyes will be on London as the Olympic Games kick off on July 27th and tomorrow night, Dan Rather Reports takes viewers to the tiny Kenyan farming village of Iten – where many live without running water or electricity. However, Iten happens to be home to more world class runners than any other place on earth – including all six Kenyan Olympic marathoners.

Kenyan marathon talent is so deep that the current world record holder did not even make the marathon team; in fact, the top 20 fastest marathon times of 2011 were all run by Kenyans. Since 2011, 361 Kenyan men ran an Olympic qualifying time of faster than two hours, fifteen minutes – only 25 U.S. men have done the same. When you consider that the United States has more than seven times the people as Kenya does, that statistic becomes even more jaw dropping.

Tomorrow, we visit Iten to investigate what makes these Kenyans the best runners in the world. And we meet an unlikely coach, a missionary from Ireland, who came to Kenya in the 1970s to teach geography, and ended up forever changing the sport of running.

Video: What kinds of tactics bring out the best in these runners?

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