Eagles Legend Don Felder Shares the Story Behind ‘Hotel California’ on Mixtape Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8:30pE


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Legendary Eagles guitarist Don Felder is the featured guest in an all-new episode of AXS TV’s star-studded classic rock series Mixtape on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8:30pE. In this episode, Felder shares his personal mixtape of songs that influenced his life and career, dives deep into the story behind the classic hit he co-wrote with Don Henley, “Hotel California,” and talks about the history of his iconic double-neck guitar.

Watch Felder discuss the writing and recording of Hotel California in this first-look clip.

“We were writing song ideas for what was gonna become the ‘Hotel California’ record,” said Felder. “I was just sitting in a beach house in Malibu… out comes that progression. I had to go record it. So when we got into the studio to record ‘Hotel California,’ I always thought that Joe [Walsh] and I would just sit down, we hit record, I start off and play something. Don Henley comes by and says, ‘No, no, no, stop. You have to do it just like the demo.’”

“I think it took us three days for Joe and I to do the solos at the end of that record and the labor that it took to get that to that level has been worth it. So I would say ‘Victim of Love’ and ‘Hotel’ on the ‘Hotel California’ record were probably two of my favorite songs that I wrote for that record.”

Mixtape airs Thursdays at 8:30pE/5:30pP on AXS TV. The eight-episode season puts the spotlight on a different rock icon each week as they sit down to discuss their favorite songs of all time—sharing their own personal mixtape playlist of meaningful music that shaped their lives and left an enduring impact on their legendary careers.

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