Hip-Hop Artist TECH N9NE Makes His Television Debut and has a Big Scare on AXS TV’s SKEE Live

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 12, 2013 – Things got a little scary on AXS TV’s SKEE LIVE tonight when hip-hop artist TECH N9NE visited the set in his first national television appearance. Knowing his love of horror films, host DJ Skee had an actor dressed as “Halloween” horror antagonist Michael Myers sneak up behind the rapper during their interview as a late birthday surprise.

SKEE Live surprise

Check out the big scare here: bit.ly/1cm7rWz

As the spirited interview continued, TECH N9NE cleared up a misconception about his association with the “horror core” genre of hip-hop.

Listen what TECH N9NE has to say about his music here (warning strong language): bit.ly/HLYU5V

From the underground world to the mainstream scene, TECH N9NE has been a major influence in hip-hop over the last decade. With 10 top-five albums dating back to 2002 and singles with artists like Lil’ Wayne, Andre 3000 and Kendrick Lamar, he has consistently produced music that has resonated within the hip-hop community.


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