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Classic Albums

Classic Albums is a British documentary series about pop, rock and heavy metal albums that are considered the best or most distinctive of a well-known band or musician or that exemplify a stage in the history of music.

From the Classic Albums blog:

How U2 Created The Joshua Tree | Classic Albums

Practice jam sessions and experiments created one of the best selling albums of the 80s. Read more...

The Risks of So | Classic Albums

When Peter Gabriel was writing So, he followed his heart and found one of the best albums of all time Read more...

The Work Ethic of Tom Petty | Classic Albums

From borrowed phrases from his dad to rented pianos, here's how Tom Petty wrote his best songs. Read more...


  • Fri, Apr 3rd 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Judas Priest: British Steel
    The welding of British Steel is told in the band's own words, and by their once long-term producer Tom Allom. Featuring archive footage, interviews and rare live performances, plus all of British Steel's finest songs, this is a compelling, witty and exhilarating look of the making of one of heavy metal's most artful creations, a Classic Album.
  • Mon, Apr 6th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Deep Purple: Machine Head
    A musical biography telling the incredible story of the making of the Deep Purple album Machine Head. In exclusive interviews with Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice we take a track by track look at the making of the album.
  • Tue, Apr 7th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Primal Scream: Screamadelica
    There's no overestimating the importance of Screamadelica, the record that brought acid house, techno, and rave culture crashing into the British mainstream. Like any dance music, this is tied to its era to a certain extent, but it transcends it due to its fierce imagination and how it doubles back on rock history, making the past present and vice versa.
  • Wed, Apr 8th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Bob Marley and The Wailers: Catch a Fire
    Featuring rare archival interviews with Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and Marley himself - as well as never-before-seen performances and footage from the Jamaican recording sessions - this provides a unique insight into the process behind the recording of this landmark work.
  • Thu, Apr 9th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Lou Reed: Transformer
    The program is illustrated by archive footage from Lou in concert, and also features specially recorded acoustic performances by Lou. This also includes archive material of The Velvet Underground and of Andy Warhol and the Factory and provides a unique insight into the process behind the recording of this landmark album.
  • Fri, Apr 10th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Frank Zappa: Apostrophe & Over-Nite Sensation
    Discover how Frank Zappa created these ground-breaking albums with the help of a crack team of musicians including George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ian and Ruth Underwood and Bruce Fowler and Engineer Kerry McNabb.
  • Mon, Apr 13th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - The Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks
    The Sex Pistols album Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols is unquestionably one of the most important musical statements in the history of British music. It was in 1977, at a time when the nation was crippled by class division and unemployment that four working class teenagers with supposedly non-existent futures recorded an album that to this day remains as one of the greatest and most influential bodies of work ever recorded.
  • Tue, Apr 14th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
    Brian Wilson and the surviving members of The Beach Boys, (Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks) guide us through the writing and recording of the landmark album that is consistently voted one of the top three influential albums of all time. Featuring exclusive interviews, classic archive and rare studio outtakes from the recording sessions, this film tells the story of the creation of the record that cemented The Beach Boys’ reputation as a leading force to rival The Beatles and Brian Wilson as a songwriting genius.
  • Wed, Apr 15th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Def Leppard: Hysteria
    A musical biography telling the incredible story of the making of the Def Leppard album Hysteria, the album that sold over 17 million copies, produced seven hit singles, and brought worldwide superstardom to Def Leppard in 1987.
  • Thu, Apr 16th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Duran Duran: Rio
    While the Duran Durn had tasted success with their first album, it was Rio that would catapult them to global stardom, an album that would ultimately sell in excess of 10 million copies worldwide, the cornerstone in the career of a ground-breaking band who would go on to sell 85 million albums and counting.
  • Fri, Apr 17th 2:00 PM ET
    Classic Albums - Metallica: Metallica
    A one-hour documentary about the making of the Metallica album entitled Metallica, but now referred to as "The Black Album." The album that changed the headliners to capacity stadium fillers on a global scale. The album charted at Number 1 in the US Billboard charts upon its release, won the Grammy Award for Best heavy Metal Album, and has subsequently sold 20 million copies.

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