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And, join us for THE BIG INTERVIEW, our new series which features interviews with some of the most well-known talent from across every corner of the entertainment industry.

Darius Rucker: The Big Interview, April 14, 2014 

Rising country star Darius Rucker talks about his “new” music career and life before Nashville, when he was all rock & roll..


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  • Mon, Apr 21st 9:00 AM ET
    Dan Rather Reports - Adopted or Abducted
    An update to our original program with new information into claims by women that they were forced to put their babies up for adoption, many with the knowledge and support of Catholic Charities.
  • Tue, Apr 22nd 9:00 AM ET
    Dan Rather Reports - A Fighting Chance
    A young, former U.S. Army Infantryman, wounded in Afghanistan, rehabilitates himself for a chance to play college football. Plus, an update on where he will play. Also, a follow up report to our investigation into counterfeit drugs.
  • Wed, Apr 23rd 9:00 AM ET
    Dan Rather Reports - Music 2.0
    Dan Rather Reports travels to Austin, Texas, for an in-depth conversation with music legend Willie Nelson, along with other rising stars, about the current state of the music industry.
  • Thu, Apr 24th 9:00 AM ET
    Dan Rather Reports - College on the Cheap
    Building a better college, at a fraction of the price. Two California entrepreneurs say they have the answer to an affordable higher education. Also, a rapidly growing population of pythons in Florida.
  • Fri, Apr 25th 9:00 AM ET
    Dan Rather Reports - El Presidente
    Colombia, the recipient of billions of U.S. tax dollars in counter narcotic aid is now daring to tell the United States that the drug war is not working. And the country's president tells Dan Rather in an exclusive interview it's time to put every option on the table including the decriminalization of narcotics. Also, we travel to the jungles of S. America where miners are digging for gold.

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