'Nashville' Season 4 Premieres Saturday Oct 1 at 9/8c on AXS TV


Shot entirely in Nashville, Tennessee, each episode of Nashville takes us into a captivating world of music, power, talent, sex, love, heartbreak and redemption, featuring original songs by established and breakout songwriters sung by the stars of the series.

Nashville stars Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story) as Rayna Jaymes, Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) as Juliette Barnes, Clare Bowen as Scarlett O’Connor, Eric Close (Chaos, Without a Trace) as Teddy Conrad, Charles Esten (Enlightened, Big Love) as Deacon Claybourne, Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital) as Avery Barkley, Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott, Robert Ray Wisdom as Coleman Carlisle and Powers Boothe (24) as Lamar Wyatt.

From the Nashville blog:

Designing Rayna Jaymes’ Wedding Dress- BTS on Nashville

A lot went into creating Connie Britton's wedding dress for Nashville's highly anticipated wedding of Rayna and Deacon. Read more...

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  • Wed, Nov 29th 6:00 PM ET
    Nashville - 'Til The Pain Outwears The Shame
    Rayna is determined to prove Highway 65 is a credible label, while Juliette continues to struggle with postpartum depression.
  • Wed, Nov 29th 7:00 PM ET
    Nashville - How Can I Help You Say Goodbye
    Scarlett is forced to make a life-changing decision for her mother while Avery finds himself making a decision that will change his family's life forever.
  • Wed, Dec 6th 6:00 PM ET
    Nashville - The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here
    Juliette's private turmoil could become tabloid fodder.
  • Wed, Dec 6th 7:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Stop The World (And Let Me Off)
    Rayna's hands are full as her label's artists demand her time, and Maddie joins Colt on Luke's tour.

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