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Shot entirely in Nashville, Tennessee, each episode of Nashville takes us into a captivating world of music, power, talent, sex, love, heartbreak and redemption, featuring original songs by established and breakout songwriters sung by the stars of the series.

Nashville stars Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story) as Rayna Jaymes, Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) as Juliette Barnes, Clare Bowen as Scarlett O’Connor, Eric Close (Chaos, Without a Trace) as Teddy Conrad, Charles Esten (Enlightened, Big Love) as Deacon Claybourne, Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital) as Avery Barkley, Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott, Robert Ray Wisdom as Coleman Carlisle and Powers Boothe (24) as Lamar Wyatt.

From the Nashville blog:

Designing Rayna Jaymes’ Wedding Dress- BTS on Nashville

A lot went into creating Connie Britton's wedding dress for Nashville's highly anticipated wedding of Rayna and Deacon. Read more...

Clare Bowen Reacts To Positive Response After Hair Cut – Nashville

Clare Bowen (Scarlett O'Connor on Nashville) talks about why she cut her hair, and the enormous, positive response it received. Read more...


  • Thu, Aug 17th 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - I Can't Get Over You To Save My Life
    Rayna sets a wedding date.
  • Fri, Aug 18th 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - I Feel Sorry For Me
    Rayna goes after Sadie Stone as a new artist.
  • Mon, Aug 21st 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Road Happy
    Juliette frets over hiding her pregnancy.
  • Tue, Aug 22nd 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy
    Family decisions, love competes, and purpose is found.
  • Wed, Aug 23rd 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - I'm Coming Home To You
    Rayna performs on Dancing With The Stars and Juliette struggles as a mom.
  • Wed, Aug 23rd 6:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down
    Rayna's girls meet Luke's son Colt; Juliette becomes more and more jealous.
  • Wed, Aug 23rd 7:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Crazy
    Maddie's news goes viral and becomes a "Hot Topic" on "The View".
  • Thu, Aug 24th 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - You're Lookin' At Country
    Not everyone is celebrating country music's biggest night.
  • Fri, Aug 25th 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Two Sides To Every Story
    Rayna continues to pull out all stops in self-promotion, this time by agreeing to do a televised Christmas special from her home for charity, with Luke and the children. But when she invites Deacon to join in, things get awkward fast. Her magazine cover story has reverberations for her personal life.
  • Mon, Aug 28th 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - First To Have A Second Chance
    On the winter finale, Luke and Rayna gear up for their big day.
  • Tue, Aug 29th 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - I'm Not That Good At Goodbye
    Now that Rayna has cancelled their wedding, Luke is on the warpath.
  • Wed, Aug 30th 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - I've Got Reasons To Hate You
    Deacon comes to terms with his illness and Rayna prepares her return.
  • Wed, Aug 30th 6:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
    Scarlett's breakdown drives everyone to find the person responsible.
  • Wed, Aug 30th 7:00 PM ET
    Nashville - All Or Nothing With Me
    First Lady Michelle Obama and Kellie Pickler guest star.
  • Thu, Aug 31st 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - I'm Lost Between Right And Wrong
    Rayna is floored by Edgehill's plans to sign Maddie as a solo artist.
  • Fri, Sep 1st 3:00 PM ET
    Nashville - Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
    Deacon is forced to make a decision about his treatment.

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