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Multi-platinum rock superstar Eddie Money takes viewers into his home every Sunday night on AXS TV’s all-new original reality series Real Money. Each episode captures the daily lives of the Money family, including Eddie, Laurie, his wife of over 30 years; their five kids, Zach, Joe, Jesse, Dez, and Julian, as they live, laugh, bicker, and rock! Hilarity and hijinks ensue as Eddie and Laurie struggle to keep everyone in line, on time, and out of trouble. New episodes of Real Money premiere Sundays at 9:30/8:30c!


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Real Money | Saturday Stack June 17th

This Saturday is a family affair!


  • Wed, Dec 19th 6:00 PM ET
    Real Money - Risky Business
    Eddie and Laurie head south of the border to celebrate Sammy Hagar's birthday at his legendary bash in Cabo San Lucas, where Eddie is scheduled to perform. Meanwhile, things are "Shakin'" up back home, as Jesse announces that she's wrecked her car. Racing to get the damage taken care of before mom and dad return, she plots and schemes with her siblings to solve the problem.
  • Wed, Dec 26th 6:00 PM ET
    Real Money - In Sickness and in Health
    Dismayed to find that his eating habits have put him at risk for diabetes, Eddie takes strides to get his health back on track. That proves easier said than done, thanks to Eddie's love of snacks-which keep appearing in the house, despite Laurie's best efforts. An invitation to attend the Loudwire Awards sparks the family to whip Eddie into shape, hiring a boxer to come spar with him and enlisting personal trainer Zach to get him in the gym.

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