20 Reasons to Watch THE VOICE vs MICHAEL JAI WHITE

20 Reasons to Watch THE VOICE vs MICHAEL JAI WHITE

The Voice Versus returns to AXS TV this Friday night with The Voice Versus Michael Jai White, star of Black Dynamite, Spawn, Tyson, Blood n Bone and Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

Here are  just 20 of the many reasons this is a MUST SEE episode of everybody’s favorite television interview series.

1. Michael Jai White goes into Black Dynamite mode when he throws a boomerang at Michael Schiavello

2. Michael Jai White talks about working with the late Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight” and quashes a popular fan and media myth about Heath Ledger and what he was like on set.

3. Michael Jai White discusses Steven Seagal and his attributes as a martial artist and as an actor, and whether Seagal could really teach Anderson Silva a front kick.

4. Michael Jai White talks about working with Quentin Tarantino on the set of “Kill Bill 2” and one of the crazy scenes Tarantino wanted to include.

5. Michael Jai White discusses his favorite martial art and what he had to do in order to earn his black belt in that art.

6. Michael Jai White talks about working with Jean Claude Van Damme on the set of “Universal Soldier 2”

7. Michael Jai White doesn’t mince words when talking about the “business of martial arts”.

8. Michael Schiavello asks the question: “Are mixed martial artists, martial artists in the true sense or are they fighters?” The answer may shock you.

9. Michael Jai White talks about which mixed martial artist he would most like to spar.

10. Michael Schiavello throws up a fantasy mixed martial arts fight between two superstars…will you agree with Michael Jai White’s answer?

11. Michael Jai White discusses working with Nicki Minaj on her music video “Your Love”

12. Michael Jai White discusses the inner rage he felt as a child that led him to a life of martial arts.

13. Michael Jai White explains the hilarious fight scenes in Black Dynamite, including a nunchaku fight against President Nixon!

14. Michael Jai White discusses what separates a true martial artist from a poser.

15. Michael Jai White recalls his research for the role of Mike Tyson in the HBO bio-pic “Tyson”… and Mike Tyson’s reaction to his portrayal.

16. You will see footage of a teenage Michael Jai White competing in a Karate tournament.

17. Michael Jai White talks about taking his shirt off on film… Michael Schiavello talks about leaving his shirt on.

18. Michael Jai White tells us what is the ONLY film he has watched more than “Enter The Dragon”… the answer will surprise you!

19. Michael Jai White discusses the Black Dynamite animated series currently airing every Sunday night on Adult Swim.

20. Michael Schiavello plays that time honored game: KNOCK OUT, CHOKE OUT, WEDGIE or a BOWL OF FRIED SHRIMP… the answers will stun you!

The Voice Versus Michael Jai White premiers Friday, August 31, at 10 pm ET.  Tweet LIVE with “The Voice” Michael Schiavello during the show for your chance to win autographed prizes! Use the hashtag #VOICEVERSUS

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