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AXS TV Fights GIFs: Some of the Best Moments of 2015 So Far…

13 Events in the Books, Only a Few Dozen More to Go This Year

We’re about a third of the way through 2015, and already we’ve seen 13 events on AXS TV Fights! To date we have had four events from the RFA, four events from Legacy, two from Lion Fight, two from CES, and let’s not forget the debut of Legacy Kickboxing! Now that it’s music festival season at AXS TV and we’ve got some downtime, we thought we would take a look at the best moments of 2015 so far…

Tiffany Van Soest is Pissed at Lion Fight 21

Tiffany Van Soest has been a mainstay at Lion Fight since the promotion debuted on AXS TV back in 2013. She’s delivered plenty of dominating wins, but none as violent as the one we saw at Lion Fight 21. “The Timebomb” abused Chajmma Bellekhal for 5 rounds, even knocking her mouthpiece into the crowd TWICE!

Next up: Van Soest fights to get her featherweight title back at Lion Fight 22 May 22 on AXS TV.

Dylan Ashburn and Donis Francois Do the Twist at Legacy 38

Here’s a submission you don’t see everyday! This fight happened on the undercard at Legacy 38, but it was so good we had to include it. Check out Ashburn win by Twister Submission. Nice!

Julio Pena Scores Lion Fight’s Best KO at Lion Fight 20

Who would have thought the best KO we’ve ever seen at Lion Fight would come from someone in their 2nd pro fight? That’s just what Julio Pena did when he kicked off Lion Fight 20 in EPIC fashion with this brutal KO of Tom Evans.

Chuck O’Neil Delivers “Harsh Times” at CES XXVII

CES welterweight champ Chuck O’Neil, in true Dusty Rhodes fashion, promised “harsh times” leading up to his title defense at CES XXVII. He delivered on that promise in just 11 seconds, as he knocked out challenger Manny Walo in the very first round.

Next Up: O’Neil returns to defend his belt once again in June at CES XXIX on AXS TV.

Dave Burrow’s EPIC Comeback at Legacy 38

The first 10 minutes of the main event at Legacy 38 were not fun for Dave Burrow. For two rounds, UFC vet Anthony Njokuani put on a striking clinic, pummeling Burrow again and again. It looked like a sure victory for Njokuani and then the fight went to the ground… Burrow added another arm to his collection as he scored his ninth armbar and one of the craziest comeback wins we’ve ever seen!

Next Up: Burrow takes on Mike Bronzoulis for the Legacy Lightweight Title at RFA vs. Legacy May 8th on AXS TV!

Gaston Bolanos Wins With More of That Spinning S*%@ at Lion Fight 20

In only three fights with Lion Fight we’ve learned one very important thing about Gaston Bolanos… Watch out for those elbows! Caleb Archer did not get that memo, and Bolanos finished him with a nasty spinning back elbow at Lion Fight 20.

Melvin Blumer Backhands His Way to Victory at RFA 24

Imagine this: you are away from fighting for almost a year and when you come back, you draw MMA veteran Jeff Curran as your opponent. That’s what faced Melvin Blumer at RFA 24 and for the first 4:55 of the first round it looked like it was going to be a rough night. Then, right before the bell, Blumer lands a backfist, not a spinning backfist, just a backfist. You can see the disbelief on Pat Miletich’s face.

The Kiwi Crushes at Legacy 39

It had been almost 4 years since Brice Ritani-Coe fought MMA, but the New Zealand native made the most of his return at Legacy 39. In the first fight of the night, the MMA fighter/boxer hurt Dale Mitchell with a body shot and followed up with a brutal right hand.

No Training Camp, No Problem for Daniel Pineda at Legacy 41

These are the guys every promotion loves. 10 days before Legacy 41, the promotion needed a replacement for the main event and in stepped UFC vet Daniel Pineda. 10 days to prep for a fight is already less than ideal and then Pineda got the flu which cut his prep time to about 5 days… That didn’t stop the former Legacy champion from getting his third straight submission win since his UFC release.

Plenty More Action Still to Come in 2015!

LIVE Fights Return May 8th With RFA vs. Legacy on AXS TV

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