Also, the Official Announcement of Penn’s Coaching Team for ‘The Ultimate Fighter 19’

LOS ANGELES – Oct. 11, 2013 – Tonight on AXS TV’S INSIDE MMA, series hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten break down this week’s latest news, including top stories from BJ Penn about the final members of his “The Ultimate Fighter 19” coaching team, an exclusive statement from Rousimar Palhares’ trainer and Daniel Cormier discusses changing weight classes.

· The Ultimate Fighter 19 head coach BJ Penn announced who will join Andre Pederneiras (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) on his coaching team:

– Mark Coleman – wrestling coach

– Rob Kaman – kickboxing coach

– Jason Parillo – boxing coach

Also during the interview, Penn extended an invitation to Rutten to guest coach for the first time ever on the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Next, in an INSIDE MMA exclusive, Alex Davis, trainer of recently banned UFC fighter Rousimar Palhares, released a statement about the punishment after UFC President Dana White cut the controversial fighter on Thursday.
Davis sent INSIDE MMA this quote:

“We have been conscious of the issue with Rousimar holding submissions for too long, going too hard, and we have been working on it with him in training and he has become very controlled. Rousimar has been punished with no winning bonus, and a 4 month suspension by the CABMMA, I understand the UFCs perspective, but I think cutting him is being too harsh. The media is making him out to be a monster, he is not a bad guy he just is passionate and intense during fights.”

· In an interview with Rice and Rutten, undefeated UFC Heavyweight Daniel “DC” Cormier confirmed he will make the switch to light heavyweight, making his upcoming heavyweight contest with Roy Nelson at UFC 166 next week his last.

Said Cormier:

“This is going to be my last fight at heavyweight. I wanted to start to diet down & move closer to the weight division where I was comfortable making the weight. I feel like I’m in that place now. It does have a lot to do with me not wanting to fight Cain Velasquez but I also want to be a champion of the UFC and if I’m not going to fight for the belt at heavyweight, then I’ve got to find a division where I can compete for the championship.”

· Also, international kickboxing legend Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong said in an interview with INSIDE MMA’s Ron Kruck that he won’t have any more MMA fights this year and responded to being called the “Bo Jackson of MMA.”

Said Spong when asked about another MMA fight this year:

“I don’t think so. Not for this year anymore. I might have a professional boxing fight at the end of this year so I’m gonna be an all-around combat sports athlete and very active.”

Spong on his new nickname:

“I’ve heard the name passing by a lot like ‘the Bo Jackson of MMA’. I feel very honored, it’s a big comparison, a big compliment for me.”

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