Bobby Lashley talks about his upcoming fight at Titan Fighting Championship 17 exclusive
Josh Cross | Feb 21, 2011

Bobby Lashley will face James Jack at Titan Fighting Championship 17 LIVE on HDNet on March 25. Photo by Jack Bratcher for

Ever since his loss last August to Chad Griggs (10-1), rumors have abounded that Bobby Lashley (5-1) was done with MMA. It became blatantly obvious last week when news broke that he would be fighting again, that those rumors could not be further from the truth.

On March 25, Lashley will compete at Titan Fighting Champtionship 17, taking on James Jack (6-2-1) LIVE on HDNet.

The first few months during his absence, Lashley found himself in and out of the doctor’s office battling mononucleosis. Now he is feeling better and training full time for his upcoming fight. But for Lashley, having a good showing is more important than just getting the win.’s ( Josh Cross caught up with Lashley to talk about his upcoming fight, which is his first since parting ways with Strikeforce in August 2010. Lashley addressed rumors about him retiring from MMA, his training, how he feels about his last fight, why he left Strikeforce, if he would ever take a fight with former WWE wrestler Batista and if he would ever return to professional wrestling.

PRO MMA NOW: How long have you known about your upcoming fight?

BOBBY LASHLEY: Just this week. I talked to Joe Kelly this week and signed the contract right after we talked.

PRO MMA NOW: Is most of your training going to take place at your gym with you bringing guys in to train with?

BOBBY LASHLEY: Well right now I’m bringing some guys in. I have a great boxing instructor that I’ve been working with and just bringing some guys. If I need some extra sparring I’ve been talking with Josh Barnett so I might go down there and work out with Josh Barnett and his group for a couple weeks and then come back up here and finish up and get ready for the fight.

PRO MMA NOW: How much do you know about your opponent?

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