Disappointed Dan Severn With Some Strong Words for “The Sham” Ken Shamrock

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“The Beast” Takes Shots at Ken Shamrock NOT Tank Abbott After His Scrapped Comeback Fight

Despite all the work put in the last few months for his big comeback, Dan “The Beast” Severn will not be fighting this weekend at UR Fight. Tank Abbott failed his medicals and will not be able to fight, but Severn is not upset about that. Severn’s original opponent apparently was supposed to be Ken Shamrock and he’s got harsh words for “The Sham” regarding his withdrawal from their fight and subsequent drug test failure.

Here’s a letter he sent to Inside MMA:

On March 20th, 2016………Celebrity Theater…….in Phoenix, Arizona Ken Shamrock (aka “The Sham”) was suppose to fight Dan”The Beast”Severn in a Mix Martial Arts (MMA) match. He (Ken Shamrock), will “NOT” be fulfilling his “obligation”. His word that he gave to the UR Network, the L.O.I. (Letter of Intent), that he signed, stating the date, the opponent….. he will not be “honoring”. The $5,000 dollars that he took in “good faith” that he would show up and fight Dan Severn he will not live up to. Even when Ken was using Social Media to make his “Big Announce” prior to the the Bellator event…………..it should of been the UR Show Event and “NOT” Bellator Event he should of been announcing. He had already signed his Letter of Intent. He already received his $5,000 (a portion of his guarantee), and the original date for the UR Show was Feb 21st. So how was Ken Shamrock (The Sham) suppose to fight Royce Gracie on Feb 19th, and then fight Dan Severn on Feb 21st??? When the UR Show Representative reached out to Ken to question him on this Bellator fight prior to the agreement that they had for their show……..Ken merely said to push the show back one week, and he would fight Royce Gracie one weekend, and Dan Severn a week later! The UR Show Representative then reached out to me (Dan Severn), and asked if I had a problem with that. I replied “NO”, Not at all, but from a Company’s perspective I would push the show back by at least a month because “if” Ken was to get hurt, there would be a minimum of a 30 day suspension.

Now let us fast forward. Here we are Thursday March 17th. Just 3 days before the UR Show “WILL TAKE PLACE!” (for more information about the show go to: URshow.tv), and I have been answering questions left and right about Tank Abbott, and how disappointed I must be that he did not pass his medicals, and now my match will not be taking place. Am I upset……sure, but not at Tank Abbott. I did not come out of retirement for Tank Abbott. When I retired from MMA back in Jan 2013 I retired with a clause. I stated that I would seriously consider coming back out of retirement for one of 3 people: Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock, and Royce Grace. The UR Show Network approached me with Ken back in November. Tank was a “Man” that stepped up to the plate with less than two weeks notice, and accepted the match. The positive out of him taking these medicals is that he is now aware of some health issues that he can take care of. “My ISSUE”…….and the ATTENTION………. should be turned towards “Ken “The Self Proclaimed “Most Dangerous Man”???? Shamrock…………., or is he the most deceitful, cunning, slippery, slimy individual in the sport of MMA? He did his fight with Royce Gracie on the Bellator card Feb 19th. He loses, and protest the match, and leaves the cage on his own power. He is unassisted, and does not announce to anyone that he is injured. Ken goes on to string the UR Show people right up to the two week mark, and then all of a sudden he is now claiming to be injured! Did “The Sham” really get hurt? And if he did, the only possible injury could of been to his balls. Did Ken’s balls get hurt, or does Ken”The Sham Shamrock” not have the balls to climb into the ring with me!!! MMA stands for Mix Martial Arts. You walk into any Martial Arts Training Facility (Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling…..the list would be endless of names I could mention here), and you will see all kinds of words that are posted on the walls that the students should be learning. Words like: Honor, Respect Courage, Discipline. I think Ken needs to go back to MMA School, and learn the “TRUE VALUES” of what Martial Arts means!

PS: When I looked up what Sham meant. This is what it said:
1) A thing that is not what it is purported to be.
2) bogus; false, fake, pretended, feigned, simulated, false, artificial, bogus, insincere, contrived, make-believe, fictitious, imitation, mock, counterfeit, fraudulent pretend, put-on phony, pseudo.


PSS: A few days after “The Sham” announced his injury he then test positive for controlled substance’s. Shame on you Ken! What kind of a representative are you to young MMA Practitioner’s across the globe???

PSSS: I will be at the weigh-in’s Saturday, and will strip down, and step on the scales. I want to show the World what a chemical free, almost 58 year old athlete, who has been busting his ass with 3-4 workout a day since November can look like! I will then be at the show Sunday doing a number of different things: Meet, and Greet with the fans, Q and A with the fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, doing interviews, might be a judge for the Grappling match, and the list goes on.

**********This is Dan”The Beast”Severn and I approve this message.***************

As you can see, “The Beast” is NOT happy.

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