HDNet Fight of the Week: Mark Miller vs. Nikolaj Falin at United Glory 14

by MMAjunkie.com Staff on Jul 26, 2011 at 4:00 pm ET

Back in May, Mark Miller returned from a five-year layoff to fight Nikolaj Falin in a kickboxing bout at an United Glory 14 event in Russia.

For the U.S.-based Miller, it was his first fight since the death of his parents and brother, a divorce, and an open-heart surgery that many expected to end his career.

In this week’s edition of HDNet Fights Video Vault, we take a look back at his improbable return to the ring.

Each week HDNet and MMAjunkie.com release a new and exclusive fight from the ever-growing HDNet Fights video library. Stunning knockouts, slick submissions, shocking finishes and legendary brawls are the norm for this weekly feature.

Miller vs. Falin is no exception.

Miller, who eventually parlayed an amateur-boxing run into a successful kickboxing career back in 2000, was riding high until a pre-fight medical test in 2006 shattered his world. Tests revealed that his enlarged heart was giving him just 15 percent cardiac output. A simple walk down the street could have killed him.

So in 2007, he underwent open-heart surgery and planned to return to training three months later. But a series of family tragedies and hits to his personal life kept him on the sidelines.

But with his life in order and his health improved, Miller (14-6-1 at the time) returned to the ring to take on undefeated Falin (30-0-8) at the overseas event. Simply making it back to the ring was a near-miracle for the veteran kickboxer, but could Miller add a fairytale ending to his story?

Check out the embedded clip for the answer and enjoy the bonus fight from the same event.

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