Help Us Ronda, Help Us Get You Out of Our Mind


From The Desk Of Kenny Rice

It doesn’t matter who she fights. It might not even be of concern that she fights, just walk into the cage and wave. Let us know you’re doing okay.

One question is the most asked this year in the MMA world. You know it. You’ve probably asked it yourself.

When is Ronda Rousey coming back?

November 15th isn’t that far away, marking the one year anniversary that the invincibility was shattered! The vulnerability exposed! Yes, exclamations all around for that night in Melbourne, Australia when Holly Holm ripped the crown off Rousey’s head and pulled the rug out from under the most hyped MMA fighter ever.

Even bruised, battered and bloodied, fans never expected that Ronda wouldn’t or couldn’t rise again. Her career until that point seemed as mythIcal as a Phoenix after all.

Weekly there is speculation, chat room rumors and premature reports mirroring as much. Stars past and present have weighed in. This week what at one time seem the only possible, logical, practical foe for Rousey, Cris Cyborg doesn’t care if it happens now.

She is both present and past in ways of decribing the biggest draw in the sport, yet the future seems more and more unclear the farther away from that fateful night late last year. The one who finally beat her, Holm, has become a flash in the octagon. The belt she once squeezed tightly has moved around as if on eBay.

The movie career could be waiting. If she has managed her money well, and as smart as she is that’s expected, then a paycheck to paycheck existence she will never have. What she did in the octagon was special and generated an excitement never before seen across the mainstream.

Rousey was/is pop culture. Past/present. But the future? Only Ronda knows.

For all the fans pleading, Ronda help us either get you out of our mind or give us a sign of what is to come. And when.

– Kenny

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