Inside MMA 511 Web Exclusive

INSIDE MMA Exclusive Web Show

Segment One- Bas and Kenny break down the UFC 128 card with panelists Dominick Cruz, Phil Baroni, and Trevor Whitman.  In further detail the panel analyzes Jones vs Rua, and Faber vs Wineland, as well as Grudge Training Center’s huge presence at UFC 128

Segment Two – Dominick Cruz talks about coming back from his hand surgery and the panel discusses coming back from injury. We do CRIBS, Phil Baroni style as he takes us inside his training routine and break down Baroni vs Nick Nolte.

Segment Three – The panel of Trevor Whitman, Phil Baroni, and Dominck Cruz discuss friends taking on friends in fights. Also we look at highlights from the Chicago Cagefighting Chamiponships

Segment Four- Breakdown with Bas is back in the new TapouT cage. ; Bas and Trevor Whitman breakdown the Jon Jones vs. Shogun Rua fight.

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