Is it ALL About Conor McGregor? Well, Yes it is


From The Desk Of Kenny Rice

There is no one like him in combative sports, an argument can be made at this moment there’s nothing like him in any sport.

There’s nobody who can pick a public fight with WWE star John Cena; stir interest in boxing champ Amir Khan to want to fight; and bite the hand that feeds him with a wry grin on his face.

Conor McGregor is a dash of Ali, a sprinkle of Joe Namath, a big dose of PT Barnum, even a scoop of Dana White, a touch of Mayweather with a little Dennis Rodman in for good measure.

He is a showman of the highest magnitude who also happens to be a terrific fighter. But the UFC featherweight champ can’t be pigeonholed as merely an octagon wonder. His stage is much larger. He can draw attention like all the aforementioned legendary self publicists without missing a beat. He can talk to Conan O’Brien or Joe Rogan; be interviewed by Sports Illustrated or GQ; mock the bosses for not putting him on the UFC 200 card and still be their shining star for the upcoming UFC 202.

He loses a catch fight to Nate Diaz, ok he’ll fight the rematch. Doesn’t matter a setback, it’s always full speed ahead for the bombastic, charming, witty, smart, and outrageous Irishman. McGregor is always turning the volume to 11 and shifting the gears to 6.

That’s why he fascinates people. McGregor is the antithesis of political correctness and in a time of walking on egg shells, he still throws bricks.

Is it all about McGregor again this week, and any week he wants for that matter? Well, yes it is. And no one can look way from the high wattage attention he generates in and out of the cage.

– Kenny

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