Jose Aldo on Chad Mendes: “Come On….. Stop Talking S***”

Jose Aldo Fires Back at Chad Mendes on “Inside MMA”


The fight has been postponed, but there are still plenty of shots being taken by Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo. Chad Mendes has gone as far as to accuse the champion Aldo of using PEDs. Jose Aldo had this to say on “Inside MMA” regarding Mendes’ accusations:

“From the part of Brazil that I came from, the only thing that I took it and still take is a lot of acai berry, thats all that we have access to there. He might be really scared to fight me in my hometown because to accuse me (and 80% of the UFC fighters as he said) of things like that is a joke, is beyond funny… Especially coming from a guy like him. Put me side by side with him and ask 10 people: Who do u really think is taking something????? Let’s see what they answer…  Come on….. stop talking shit. Do what I had to do and what Barao is doing. When we wanted to get the belt, I went to Faber’s backyard and whooped his ass, as Barao is going to do with Dillashaw. Get back to training, take whatever you need to take to fight me because when I get released by the doctors from my injury, I will whoop your ass no matter what!!!!”

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