Kenny Omega-thon To Take Over AXS TV | December 28th on AXS TV

Kenny Omega Hosts Legendary 10 Hour Special!

Kenny Omega Fans Set the Date!

Kenny Omega takes over AXS TV one week before Wrestle Kingdom 13, in an epic marathon highlighting his most notorious moments leading up to his IWGP Heavyweight Title upset last year. Omega matches up with 7-time Heavyweight Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi in a rematch for the coveted belt at Wrestle Kingdom 13. Get your fill of Kenny Omega before he puts it all on the line, “Kenny Omega-thon” premieres Friday, December 28th at 2/1c on AXS TV!

Check out the full lineup below!

2/1c G1 Climax 26 Tournament Final
3/2c Wrestle Kingdom 11 IWGP Heavyweight Championship
4/3c Dominion 2017 Part 3
5/4c G1 Special in USA IWGP US Tournament Final
6/5c Wrestle Kingdom 12 Part 4
7/6c The New Beginning in Sapporo 2018 Part 3
8/7c Dominion 2018 Part 3 Special Edition
10/9c G1 Special in San Francisco Part 3
11/10c King of Pro Wrestling 2018 Part 3
12a/11c Wrestling Dontaku 2018 Part 3
1a/12c G1 CLIMAX 28 August 10, 2018
2a/1c Destruction in Kobe 2018


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