This time of year we often hear about the story of the fighter who craved it all, there could never be enough glory.


He had so much promise, was filled with all the talent, but he didn’t take anything for granted.
Even as he kept on winning and winning, inside his mind it was spinning and spinning.
“If I could only gain that one more advantage” he thought, “I would be the greatest ever of champions.”
So, he sought out to become immortal, and it was there in the laboratory he found the perfect portal.
Some HGH here, TRT there, a dash of this, another pill and he grew so strong it gave him chills.
For he was so dominate when filled with rage, win after win came effortlessly in the cage.
Yes, to load up on juice was an easy decision, it led to all those KO’s and submissions.
There was simply no one who could get in his way, no one to warn that there was a price to pay.
Hopped up with ‘Roids and who knew what else, convinced it was he alone doing it by himself.
As he kept pulverizing every foe and loving all that cash, he was rolling in the dough.
What goes round though certainly does return and one night in the cage he felt a burn.
As if Hell fire had coursed through all his veins, his body appeared to be going insane.
It was obvious to his weary rival that the greatest was suddenly, yes frightening, liable.
His muscles locked up so tight that he couldn’t move as if a statue in sight.
The blood rushed mightily all through his head that from his eyes, ears, nose he bled.
His opponent drew back and found there would be no retaliation, it was over suddenly, another fleeting sensation.
Blow after blow without missing a beat, all through the crowd they were busy with tweets
U R not gonna believe it they posted, he’s getting beat, he looks toasted
Then a deafening scream as the final punch careened with all the force unloaded.
It landed smack on his chin, his opponent did grin and then….and then….The once great one’s head, his heart, his body…exploded.
There was blood everywhere, some guts here and there and in a far corner there was his glove.
All that remained were the remains of the great fighter himself so in love.
No one there that night will ever forget the sight, the sounds and the fright.
Around this time of year it has been said that this giant of man is not really dead.
He wanders from gyms to cage always on the outside looking in, never again to be a star.
Oh a once giant of a man who dared to tempt fate is a cautionary tale of woe to friend or foe.
Perhaps you might see him tonight, a giant of a man with fire and blood in his eyes
But he can only stare, no matter how hard he tries, no matter his size, it had all been lies
Happy Halloween from Inside MMA



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