Kenny Rice: “Because it is – SUPER”

The winners get $92,000 a piece and the losers $46,000 each, or still roughly $5,000 shy of the entire U.S. median household income for a year. SUPER. There will be over $90 million bet legally in Las Vegas, and another eight figures going through everything from bookies to office pools. SUPER. Over 111 million viewers will tune in, making it, again, the most-watched TV event of the year. SUPER. Advertisers will pay $4 million for 30 seconds to pitch their products. SUPER. Though the weather is expected to be less than ideal and ticket prices on the street are dropping, the going rate is still $1200 for a ticket outside, in the cold and without a good view. SUPER.

Everything about the NFL Championship game is SUPER, where even the address on this one is skewed. Though played in the neighboring state, this is being promoted as “New York gets the big game.” SUPER, though how about some New Jersey love? AXSTV has been there all week covering the parties, talking to the celebrities, because no sports event draws as many stars or has as many gatherings. SUPER.

If one sports event defines America, it is the Super Bowl. Big. Action. Anticipation. Reward. And it’s not hard to understand how so many people who don’t really follow football, the 10 or 12 out there, can easily get in the flow of things by listening and nodding and knowing there are only two choices–Broncos or Seahawks. SUPER. Rooms that were going for $179 have soared above $500 and car services that were $125 have doubled in the NY-NJ area. Capitalism at its best. SUPER.

A long season leading up to one game, so SUPER that the teams have had two weeks to get ready. The World Series can take over a week, the NBA playoffs months, but the biggest day in the NFL is all you need. A sport tailor-made for TV will have more living room parties than all the others combined. Anyone ever ask you to come over for a Game 5 party? Never. But a Super Bowl party is well, SUPER.

The Kentucky Derby will have 10 million or more tune in, even if they don’t follow horse racing. The Indy 500 will have millions of viewers, even if this is the only car race some will watch all year. But neither of these classics, with weeks of build up, compare to the Super Bowl, the most credential requested, written about, talked about happening. News shows that have bickered about Dems and GOP are making picks. Weather people are focused on cloud formations nearing the Meadowlands just as everyone who has ever played a pro game is on-air drawing “X’s” and “O’s.” SUPER.

The UFC is piggybacking on the pigskin showcase, holding pressers this week in New York City – again doesn’t anyone go to Jersey for a conference? They will have two title fights Saturday night, a Peyton Manning bomb or a Marshawn Lynch breakaway from where the big game is going to be held. Super Bowl weekend is always celebrated as some sort of holiday and the UFC has always jumped in using that time for major shows, even better being so close to the actual game site and to NYC. SUPER.

Monday morning people will call in sick, it is expected. No really good boss will need to ask
how great the party was or how long celebrating or commiserating lasted into the night. SUPER.


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