If you don’t live where there are palm trees, your window is a view of a few colorful leaves still clinging. Most are gone, barren grayish and only brown trees remain.

It’s the changing of the season, that for many is bittersweet. Winter is coming and for all who had to dig out of inches, upon inches, and even more inches of snow last year, there isn’t same anticipation as with spring or summer.

Same with sports fans right now. As the NHL and NBA are still young there is hope, although fleeting for Lakers and Sixers followers, maybe even Blue Jackets and Maple Leaf supporters. The NFL is like the falling leaves, it’s over for the Browns, Ravens, Chargers, Titans…wait, sorry fans of those alleged teams you don’t need reminded of that. At least San Diego fans won’t have to worry about ice storms in the next few weeks.

It’s the season within the season in college football. If your team hasn’t qualified under the incredibly generous bordering on silly bowl qualification victory total, then it’s time to A) Talk about a coaching change B) Talk about the inconsistent QB C) Talk about the upcoming basketball season. The offense is good, the defense so so, or vice versa. But you know that especially if your college is always looking up at the rest of the conference you follow.

There is hope as well with the rivalry games. It can save a disappointing season to beat that other team and those other fans that annoy you more than any other. This Saturday afternoon on AXS TV such a game will take place. It won’t make headlines like Alabama-Auburn, USC-UCLA, or one of those big name programs but the Monon Bell is pure college football. Two Division III teams where student-athlete truly applies, where no athletic scholarships are offered yet their passion is as intense as any multi-million dollar athletic outfit. It’s Wabash versus DePauw and this will be the 122nd meeting, one of the longest running rivalries on any level. Plus you get to hear the one-and-only Paul Maguire with his analysis of the action.

The season change segues into the holidays, Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s and that is when the UFC traditionally flexes its ample marketing muscle parading superstars and title shots not seen since their other major holiday the 4th of July. The feast begins this weekend with Ronda Rousey defending her belt against Holly Holm. In the not too distant future, Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor decide who is the real champ of the division, Rafael Dos Anjos defends his crown against Donald Cerrone and Robbie Lawler puts his title on the line against Carlos Condit.

Not everything about the changing season is a downer for fight fans. And not for fans who have no rooting interest specifically but appreciate the upcoming playoffs and bowls and the special moments of a roaring fire and family gatherings.

Oh, and then college basketball season opens for real this week and gets very interesting Thanksgiving week in the Bahamas with the Battle 4 Atlantis, the premiere early season tournament. The action can be seen on AXS TV. There will be palm trees outside the windows there if not for the fans back stateside. But what’s some snowflakes when the action is hot?

– Kenny

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