We all want them, sometimes need them more than others, and still there are times when they are demanded. With politicians a straight one is rare. With athletes they are more manufactured. Occasionally we get more of them than warranted. They can be rhetorical, candid, elusive, revealing, goofy, and clever.


Some questions are more interesting than the answers they provide, no matter how random:
How can anything that happens on the football field not be considered a “football act” or a football play?
Don’t you wish the great comic wordsmith George Carlin was still around to tackle that?
Why do the Oscars never recognize a top grossing fun feast like Guardians of The Galaxy for Best Picture consideration, even it couldn’t win?
How can the Best Director nominee, not direct a Best Picture nominee?
How does the prolific Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone keep going at the unprecedented pace of a fight every two or three months or two weeks in the latest case?
Can one night in drug rehab really be addressing the problem or is it a public relations ‘have to’ ?
Is CM Punk setting a new standard by saying he won’t call out UFC opponents for now?
Did anyone really think the Knicks could be turn around in two seasons?
What’s more important, great statistics or Super Bowl rings to determine all time QB’s?
How does Conor McGregor make every fight feel like it’s for a title?
Why does almost every campaigner from city council to President spend more money getting elected than the job actually pays?
When does a family member or close friend tell a great athlete it is time to retire?
Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see Benson Henderson, CB Dollaway, Frankie Edgar, Ryan Bader all go on a trash talking, tweet happy tear?
Why can’t former champ Dominick Cruz catch a break?
How valuable is Rajon Rondo in making the Mavericks a legit contender again in the NBA West?
Has anyone topped the phrase ‘as cool as the other side of the pillow’ from the late Stuart Scott?
How did Ohio State’s Urban Meyer get all those great QB’s and was the best one Cardale Jones?
How does John Calipari get all those future first round picks at Kentucky?
How can Miami get thumped at home by Eastern Kentucky and go into Cameron Indoor and wallop Duke?
Will we ever see an in-prime male boxer (regards Holly Holm has done it) take a shot at MMA?
Will we ever see an in-prime MMA fighter take a shot at boxing?
Which will go longer the NBA or NHL playoffs?
How can anyone argue any sport but baseball has the best All-Star game?
How many minutes of the Pro Bowl will you watch?
Just asking.


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